Xmas Special: Vaginaboys

It´s Christmas everybody and your Tónlist.de Team is going to give you the hottest Icelandic Band this year: Vaginaboys! We asked them some questions and are happy they gave us some interesting answers in this most busy time of the year. Thank you!

Interview with Vaginaboys

1. I´m happy I saw you at NASA and Húrra at Iceland Airwaves this year. How did you feel about your shows and your audience?

Iceland Airwaves was beyond expectations 🙂 We did five shows and all of them were super packed and we got a really nice vibe from our audiences. We are new so we can be a bit rough around the edges, but we think it wen’t really well.

2. I like your idea of wearing masks. Do you think it is possible to keep your identities hidden in Reykjavík where (people told me) everyone knows everybody?

It’s a bit tricky in such a small community, but it does it’s job. It really calms the nerves when performing to wear masks and sunglasses.

3. We have a rapper in Germany called CRO who tried to hide his identity with the famous panda mask but journalists tried hart and finally dug out some old picture of him. Nevertheless, he is still very successful with his music. What do you think about his song?

That’s mad bruh! That video is amazing.

4. Your song Elskan Af Því Bara is the most popular on Spotify. When I was at NASA, two girls in front of the stage could sing all the lyrics of it. What is it about? (I tried Google Translate but it´s not really helpful).

Yeah that was ill! The title of it translates “Baby just because”.
It’s a love story between two people who are really into each other but they don’t do anything about it although they make each other really jealous – they’re both too shy to do anything about it.

5. What are your plans for 2016? Is it possible that you play in Germany next year?

Oh man would love to!

We’re playing at Sonar Reykjavík in Harpa concert hall in February and then Secret Solstice festival in downtown Reykjavík.
The plan is to do some shows abroad also maybe next summer.

6. Last question: What is your Top 3 playlist of songs at the moment?

Tami Tamaki – I Never Loved This Hard This Fast Before
Lil Wayne – A Milli (James Blake Harmonimix)
Sturla Atlas – San Francisco

photo © Ernie Eyjólfsson


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