A dozen trips to Iceland are proof of complete and uncurable addiction. It was first hiking in the highlands and taking photographs of Iceland’s scenic landscapes that raised Philip’s fascination about Iceland. The awareness of the country’s vibrating music scene was aroused by some concerts in Germany but really took off in advance of his first Iceland Airwaves visit 2014. It was breathtaking to discover so many great and versatile bands coming from a country with only about 320.000 inhabitants in such a short time. There’s just everything between experimental electronic and kick ass desert rock and some bands you simply can’t describe. And things took their course: Airwaves14 was a heck of a festival, tickets for the following year were bought 11 months in advance and Airwaves15 even exceeded its predecessor. As a result, the idea of a blog about Icelandic music came to mind together with Steffi. And here it is – tónlist.de! As a geographer, Philip does not have a distinct educational or vocational background in music. But one might think he is a maniac when it comes to visit concerts which is the case almost once a week on average.

…og af hverju?

It’s easy to tell you why. The Icelandic music scene offers a tremendous amount of stunningly talented bands of all music genres. However in most cases they are barely known outside of the island, and therefore also in Germany. Everyone knows Björk. Of Monsters and Men, Sigur Rós or GusGus are also widely familiar. But have you ever heard of Agent Fresco? Hjaltalín? Vök? If so then you’re already one of those being more concerned about Icelandic music! What about Mr. Silla? Prins Póló? Mugison? If you’re now giving up – don’t worry. That’s nothing to be ashamed of but it is something I would certainly like to change!