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Lucy in Blue

It was on Thursday night during Eistnaflug ’16 at around 2:30 a.m. I can’t  remember anymore which band I’ve seen before. I was kinda fucked up from hours and hours of festival life, bustling between the campsite and the two stages, taking photos, jumping around, drinking with Icelanders. And the day before has left its deep marks in my constitution. I was standing at Brennivin stage with Baldvin from Lightspeed Legend who generously spent me another Egil’s, waiting for the band to come: Lucy in Blue. I was told that this would be a band you don’t wanna miss. It proved to be the truth. Our small talk immediately came to an end when the first sounds emerged from the small stage of Egilsbúð. There’s nothing the Icelandic music scene does not have in petto. There’s also an Icelandic Pink Floyd alike band. I wanted to know more about those four very young and stunningly talented guys that managed to cast a spell on me in the middle of the bright night despite me running on empty.

Matti (bass guitar) and Addi (keys, vocals) met at school in the fall of 2013 and soon discovered their shared passion for music. Soon they started talking about playing music together and Matti brought Steini (guitar, vocals) in on the project. There was an immediate musical connection but the drummer was yet to be found. Addi was playing pop music in a band with Kolli (drums) but it was Matti that saw the group play and brought Kolli into the band.

“Consequently, we transferred our mutual consciousness into psychedelic soundscapes and melodies that were eventually molded into three songs that landed us the second place at a national contest in music experimentation” the guys told us. That was back in 2014 when they had been “defeated” only by Alternative/Indierock band Vio in the Icelandic Music Experiments contest Músiktilhraunir. “We have been shaping these songs since and written plenty more in the meantime.” Enough songs for the upcoming release of their debut album which is in the mixing process at the moment: “We have been planning the work for our debut album for quite a while but we have finally recorded it in a wonderful studio called Bakaríið (the Bakery), located in the small town of Hveragerði. We are now mixing it and soon it will be mastered. It has taken a long time but in the meantime we have been writing material for our second album.” Incidentially, all of them fiddle around with small side projects from time to time and of course there’s also school business and music studies to handle –  “but Lucy is our main focus.”

At Eistnaflug they played the smaller Brennivin Stage at Egilsbúð. That’s a 2* hotel in the village center, nevertheless rated 9 out of 10 stars in internet travel portals. The stage is located in something like an old (which means 60s-70s style) theater “hall”, offering space for roughly 350 people I’d guess. A perfect venue, also for the band: “Playing at Eistnaflug was a great joy as the staff were really great and Egilsbúð is a really fun venue. We were feeling really great vibes at our gig, we had lots of fun and the crowd was really great. We were a bit nervous because we took the risk of closing the gig with a brand new song, but it all turned out very well.”  And the crowd definitely appreciated their amazing set. I remember a girl walking around the venue, admonishing a few chatting people to be either quite or leave the venue so the others could enjoy the concert. I loved that. Because the kind of music played by Lucy in Blue is absolutely worth listening closely and undisturbed so it can take its full effect – especially when performed live on stage. “Playing live, for an audience is, in most cases, a great joy for us as we enjoy presenting our compositions to people outside the band, especially if the audience is enthusiastic about them. But if no one shows up, we are sure to have a fantastic time, nonetheless. Every song we play is initially written for our enjoyment so playing together is always gratifying.”

What makes Lucy in Blue’s music an electrifying experience is the creativity and incredible technical skills that are inherent to their songs. Though the songs are of course structured, there’s always time to just dive into the flow: “We like to start out our gigs with a jam to check if everything sounds right but when we dive into the songs we have all the major points planned. There are a lot of moments where we need to have physical cues preceding movements within the music although we tend to reach the same conclusions most of the time. But of course there’s always plenty of nuance so our songs are never quite the same.”

Creativity always goes hand in hand with inspiration and Lucy in Blue is clearly influenced and inspired by the great psychedelic progressive rock groups of the 70s. But that would not live up to the whole package alone: “The inspiration for our music is blowing in wind, constantly, under the sea, among the fish and nature, as blissful as morning sun. We aim to bring the primal nature out of people and help it reach harmonious equilibrium” the band told us and we could not describe it nowhere near as good.

So far, Iceland is the only place to enjoy this great new band as they haven’t been playing abroad during their short but highly promising band history. But the guys hope to get the chance soon. And so we do!


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