Mammút KEXP Full Performance

We’re still waiting impatiently for the KEXP Iceland Airwaves15 full performances from KEX hostel to be published on their YouTube channel. Meanwhile, we’d like to introduce another section here at tó …and for your eyes.

Not too hard to guess: this will be all about videos from Icelandic artists: recently released official music video clips, live performances, documentaries…whatever we consider worth watching we will share with you here!

To start with, we’ve chosen one of our absolute KEXP full performance favourites: Mammút’s set at KEX Hostel during Airwaves14:



Following an intro, Mammút played five stunning songs during this set: Tungan, Þau Svæfa, Ströndin, Glæður and Salt. All are from their amazing album “Komdu til mín svarta systir“. It is an intense set, the band playing at top level and vocalist Katrína Kata Mogensen almost losing herself in her performance. I got heavy goosebumps despite the heat in the fully packed KEX venue…


Btw, if you can’t access the video from Germany: try plug-ins ProxFlow or ProxTube for Chrome and Firefox, respectively 😉 It’s legal and YouTube opens up…You just have to use the YouTube button at the bottom of the embedded video to watch it directly on YouTube.


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