On tour: Axel Flóvent

Axel Flóvent

Axel Flóvent is finally back in Germany. With over 6 Million plays on Spotify for his song „Forest Fires“, the Icelandic musician is already known in Europe. You might have heard „Forest Fires“ in the Leibnitz Butterkeks commercial. A few weeks ago he released his brand new, amazing song „Your Ghost“. On September 17th he’s starting the tour in Darmstadt at Golden Leaves Festival. We had the chance to ask Axel about Tour life, Germany and a chliché…

Axel, you are finally back on tour in Germany and also for one concert in Amsterdam. What is your favorite German city? How does the German audience differ from the audience in your home country?

Hey, yes! We played few very nice gigs last September and we’re going for few gigs again this September. I think my favourite one was probably the JAJAJA gig we did in Hamburg because it’s the only gig I didn’t have a cold on and it was just a really nice gig as well. The German audience I have experienced is really nice, they listen quietly and pay attention, which can be really impossible to get out of the Icelandic audience at a quiet concert at times.

What are the pros and cons of tour life for you?

Pros of touring for me is definitely playing music and traveling with buds, visiting and playing at new places and meeting new people. Basically the general niceness of it all. And Cons are definitely traveling by train with a lot of stuff. And often really traveling related. Airports and other traveling stations are bah.

How do you feel about the fact that foreign people often try to connect Icelandic music to the Icelandic nature, landscape and mystical elves stories?

It’s kinda funny. I never even thought about connecting music directly to these things before my first interview with a non-Icelandic interviewer. It’s a cliché to ask these questions but it makes sense thinking that it has an impact, cause it’s the most popular thing about this country. When people think Iceland, they think nature. First when I got these questions I got a bit irritated because I didn’t know how to reply, because I didn’t really feel that it had an impact even though it did and does. So after answering this question about 20 times I found out that it had some kind of impact but just because of its existence and my existence which is really nondirectional for an answer. And I would never give that answer. But it’s pretty funny tho.

What is favorite artists/album at the moment?

Well, I’m really looking forward to the new Bon Iver album to come out this month, and I’ve been pretty addicted to the few songs that a band called MUNA released few months ago. I’ve been really into the new Bear’s Den album as well.

Can we expect new songs or an album from you soon?

Yes, very soon. We’re going to stop by in a studio in Belgium to record the rest of my next EP in this tour and hopefully we’ll be able to release some new material when the work is finished. So later this year I predict. :))

Takk fyrir, Axel! Have a nice day!

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Photo ©Steffi Meisl


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