The Vintage Caravan @Backstage, Munich, 25.11.15

the vintage caravan

Wednesday night. Halfway through the week. Time to power up for the second half – and there’s no better way to do this but a Vintage Caravan concert! Currently, the band is touring Europe as support for Swedish doom metal formation Avatarium.

The Vintage Caravan, that’s Óskar Logi Ágústsson (guitar and vocals), Alexander Örn Númason (bass and background vocals) and Stefán Ari at the drums since founding member  Guðjón Reynisson left the band earlier this year. Their sound is a right royal mixture of psychedelic-blues-hardrock  and the small Backstage Club is filled to brimming. During the eight songs set, the Icelanders from Álftarnes deliver a performance that makes the crowd freak out.

the vintage caravan

The opening song “Craving” from their album “Voyage”, which led to the band’s breakthrough also abroad Iceland, is a first statement. If there were people not heaving heard about The Vintage Caravan before, they immediately know the direction now. Óskar is a tremendous guitarist and his masterly high speed soli packed with creativity and skills. And moreover his voice fits perfect. Alexander is a headbanging monster while he treats his bass guitar intensively. Stefáns razor sharp drum breaks and fills are the perfect bedrock.

Following up is “Babylon” from the band’s most recent album “Arrival” and the crowd is already bawling the refrain. The next songs, “Carousel” and “Let me be” are in no way inferior. “Innerverse” is the first track to make everything calm down a little bit. At least until halfway through the song when it develops into exuberant solo fireworks. In between the songs, the band is reacting to the crowd and kidding around incessantly. You can see and feel their excitement and joy of playing. It’s not like sometimes with other bands that this sounds put-on or overconcientious. Charisma meets tremendous talent meets higly skilled musicians and the result is The Vintage Caravan.

“Shaken Beliefs” sounds the bell for the furious finish. The phantastic riff of “Last day of light” makes the crowd go wild completely. And of course, the final bang is the band’s best known song “Expand your mind”. A great, overwhelming song, psychedelic in its middle part and with a ground shaking finish.

The crowd at Backstage Club is entirely delighted. Claims for an encore go unheard sadly due to the following headliner. But this headliner also could easily have been The Vintage Caravan.

You can experience The Vintage Caravan one more time in Germany during this tour: on upcoming sunday, Nov 29, at Bi Nuu, Berlin. Don’t miss. Certainly not.


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