Airwaves ’16 Crew Picks


The best week of the year is ahead of us! In almost exactly one month, Reykjavík once more hosts one of the most vibrant and thrilling music festivals worldwide. This year’s lineup of Iceland Airwaves is again huuuuge in quality and quantity with more than 200 artists and bands from Iceland and abroad, a schedule covering five days at 14 official venues all over downtown Reykjavík and a yet to be released off venue schedule. We don’t want you to get lost in possibilities so here are our Airwaves ’16 staff picks, boiling hot like a hot dog from Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur!

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Airwaves15 wrap up

iceland airwaves

It might be around 2.30am. Outside the wind stirs up Reykjavík’s city pond Tjörnin. Raindrops hit the windows of Iðno, one of Reykjavíks most scenic, historic buildings, almost 120 years of age. The room I’m in is a beautiful, old one with high ceiling and a chandelier. The ground is of creaking floorboards. You can celebrate family […]

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