Interview with the Icelandic supergroup Gangly

The first time the electronic r’n’b and trap experiment GANGLY came into sight was in 2014, when their single Fuck with Somone Else was published. At that time, it was not yet clear which known artists were standing behind that project, because GANGLY sent out the song anonymously. It couldn’t been kept as a secret for a long time until it was clear that the musicians Sindri Már Sigfússon (known  from Sin Fang), Jófríður Ákadóttir (known as JFDR and part of Samaris or Pascal Pinon) and Úlfur Alexander Einarsson (guitarist in Oyama) are forming the group.

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Fufanu @Musik & Frieden, Berlin, 13.3.16

© Shinya Kato

Many people still think that Icelandic music sounds like elfs making love between moss covered lava fields. But let me tell you: There is so much more than this. And I´m always looking forward to see Icelandic bands with a really fresh and unique sound playing in Berlin. Fufanu is one of those bands, which had […]

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Vök @Musik & Frieden, Berlin, 3.3.16


Size does matter. And in case of concerts, it’s the other way round as you usually interpret these words. So the smaller the better. I love those intimate club concerts without big stage and distance to the artists and therefore I was really keen on yesterday’s appearance of Icelandic rising electronic stars Vök who stopped by in Musik & […]

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Fufanu @ Postbahnhof, Berlin, 26.11.15

Thursday evening. Bearable 4 degrees in the line to “PHB Club”. There are a lot of men on their way to Postbahnhof – to see John Grant. The German queer online magazine “Siegessäule” ( characterises him as “Antiheld in Reinform” (Anti-hero in pure form). You should´t miss his new successful album „Grey Tickles, Black Pressure“. But […]

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