Sóley – Sin Fang – Örvar Smárason: Dream Team for a year

Dream Team? Without a doubt a valid question on first sight, given the fact that one of Iceland’s most popular musicians (Sóley Stefánsdóttir), a whizz-kid (Sindri Már Sigfússon) and a veteran of Icelandic electronic music (Örvar Smárason) join to work on a common album. However, despite these concentrated musical skills, it is also a valid question what might be the outcome of a collaboration like this. You barely can deny the differences in styles between Sóley’s, Sindri Már’s and Örvar’s approach to music. Sóley’s deeply melancholic and gloomy vibe that often is present in her solo works is as about as far away from FM Belfast’s sweaty paper-streamer electro pop Örvar is usually jumping around to in his underwear as bustling Reykjavík is away from Iceland’s remote and abandoned eastern fjords. The reason why Sindri Már Sigfússon picked exactly those antipoles when he spontaneously decided to initiate this project might remain his secret therefore. However, it is certainly not farfetched that it played a role that Sindri Már and Sóley already knew each other from their common indie folk project Seabear before he devoted himself to his solo alter ego Sin Fang or other sidekicks like GANGLY.

Lots of bands, projects and solo careers for the members of the Dream Team, isn’t it? And you ask yourself where there’s still time left to even take on another project. It is all a matter of effective and creative time management. If you look at the track list you might notice that the album comprises 12 songs. Which is handy, cause one year comprises 12 months. So Sóley, Sindri Már and Örvar simply decided to meet each other once a month for three days and each time conjure a song up out of nothing, starting from a blank page. They released those songs subsequently on Bandcamp, put them all into a bag afterwards, called this bag “Team Dreams” and released it via Berlin based label Morr Music. By the way the same label that already contracted all three with different projects and bands. And the album proved to be a team effort indeed. You will find the typical Sóley goosebumps atmosphere in drop-dead gorgeous songs like “Wasted” or “Space” as well as kind of minimalistic ambient-electro-pop soundwalls (“Random Haiku Generator” or “Tennis”) that more or less resemble sounds we’ve heard from GANGLY or Örvar’s experimental electro squad múm. And if you listen closely, you might even find hints of a change of seasons pervading the album, which makes this project even more catchy, given its genesis. Just take the “song for June”, the month it barely gets dusky – let alone dark – at the  edge of the northern polar circle. “Citrus light” just sounds as its title promises: dewy and flooded with light.

Yes, we can answer our introducing question accordingly: “Team Dreams” is a well-rounded and well-made opus by a real Icelandic Dream Team that has arisen from the creative concentrate of only a few days in 2017. This being the case, and given the live skills of each of the three team members, we are in pleasant anticipation of the upcoming club tour and advise you not to miss one of their gigs in March. You can check out the actual dates in our event calendar.


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