Get to know: Valdimar


The most important, versatile, touching “instrument” in music you cannot pluck, bow or beat. Basically, you don’t need anything to play it and you can easily play it everywhere – typically in your car or under the shower by the way. But it needs a lot of talent and courage to raise your voice in a way to form a song that makes us laughing from joy, longing for something or shedding a tear.

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Get to know: Lucy in Blue

Lucy in Blue

It was on Thursday night during Eistnaflug ’16 at around 2:30 a.m. I can’t  remember anymore which band I’ve seen before. I was kinda fucked up from hours and hours of festival life, bustling between the campsite and the two stages, taking photos, jumping around, drinking with Icelanders. And the day before has left its […]

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Fufanu @Musik & Frieden, Berlin, 13.3.16

© Shinya Kato

Many people still think that Icelandic music sounds like elfs making love between moss covered lava fields. But let me tell you: There is so much more than this. And I´m always looking forward to see Icelandic bands with a really fresh and unique sound playing in Berlin. Fufanu is one of those bands, which had […]

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