Top 10 Airwaves Moments 2015

It´s hart to find the right words for all the experiences and beautiful impressions during Iceland Airwaves 2015. Sometimes I just close my eyes and dreaming of being back at the line to Húrra with Gull in my hand, waiting for the next gig while the rain falls down on me and the wind whistles in my ear. The atmosphere in the venues often was so warm-hearted, I forgot all about the cold weather outside. The following 10 moments are not enough to express the feeling of Airwaves. But it´s a good start.

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Interview with CeaseTone


CeaseTone – this is Hafsteinn Þráinsson (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Sólrún Mjöll Kjartansdóttir (drums), Jökull Brynjarsson (synthies, samples and keyboard) and Steinar Karlsson (bass). And it is one of those Icelandic newcomer bands you will certainly hear a lot from in near future! Their indie rock, decorated with electronic sounds, is powerful and the live sets are energetic performances of great musical talent and excitement for what they are doing. Here at tó, we are absolutely thrilled to ask them a few questions! Be sure not to miss and enjoy!

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Airwaves15 wrap up

iceland airwaves

It might be around 2.30am. Outside the wind stirs up Reykjavík’s city pond Tjörnin. Raindrops hit the windows of Iðno, one of Reykjavíks most scenic, historic buildings, almost 120 years of age. The room I’m in is a beautiful, old one with high ceiling and a chandelier. The ground is of creaking floorboards. You can celebrate family or business events here. Or watching some cabaret or theatre performances. Or you can take place in the smart restaurant having a meal or just coffee.

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Great you’re here! Welcome to tó where everything’s about Icelandic Music! Check out “Who we are…and why we are doing this” if you like to know more about the people behind this blog.

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