Júníus Meyvant @Ampere, Munich, 31.1.2016

júníus meyvant

One man, one guitar, and a microphone. Less is not possible, but also nothing more than this is necessary. On a rainy Sunday, great Icelandic Singer-Songwriter Júníus Meyvant plays a gig in Ampere in Munich. In the beginning he announces to play 620 songs. Half of them are not written by him but from Angela Merkel. She is even here today and watches the show from the balcony above the audience.

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Are Gaukurinn and Húrra the next victims?

Shutdown of clubs – a bad tradition

Once there was a bar called Sírkus, Klappastigúr 30, downtown Reykjavík, right inside of the hot-spot of creativity, the postal code area 101. For almost over ten years, around the turn of the millenium, this bar has been a daily meeting place for creative folks, artists, musicians. The brightly colored building itself, which was built in 1917, might have slightly been past its best days. But inside, there was vibrant life, legedary concerts took place or costume parties. Or it was just the local beer enthuasiast meeting up for a pint.

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On Air: Gusgus – God Application (Live @ Iceland Airwaves 15)

On Air of CW 03-2016:

Outside the KEX hostel you’d almost think the people queue up around the block one and a half times. Hundrets of them are still trying to come in and catch a spot. But they fail to do so as the room is already packed as if it would burst at any moment. On chairs and tables, the people pile up. No doubt that the upcoming act is on the to-do-list of quite a few festival visitors.

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On Air: Vök – Adrift (Live @ Iceland Airwaves 15)

On Air of CW 01-2016:

Roblox Free Unlimited Robux and Tix

What a great start for the new year! Finally, the first live performances from Iceland Airwaves 15, which took place last November in Reykjavík, are published on KEXP YouTube channel! One of the first Icelandic bands you can listen to (and watch) is Vök, certainly a tónlist.de favourite among Icelandic electronic artists!

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On Air: Mono Town – In the eye of the storm

On Air of CW 51-2015:

If Quentin Tarantino came to Iceland to look for a band that would perfectly fit the soundtrack of his next movie, he might choose Mono Town most likely. The three piece band from Reykjavík made quite some noise in the Icelandic music scene when they released their self-produced debut album “In the eye of the storm” back in 2014.

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