On Air: Emmsjé Gauti – Reykjavík

Even if you are not that much into hip hop or rap, Emmsjé Gauti is this kinda guy who manages it, to make even rock enthusiasts like rap music. Since I saw him at last years Airwaves Festival, I’m hooked. Well, and if you love rap, there‘s no reason to hesitate and watch his music video for his new track „Reykjavík“ now.

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Iceland Airwaves – A Rockumentary

Ok, in the unlikely event that you have not yet realized it as a lover of Icelandic popular music, Iceland Airwaves is upon us. Consider this festival as Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve and your birthday party with 9000 friends altogether – but for a duration of five days. Now, if you’re like “come on, Tónlist dudes, now you’re definitely exaggerating”, we’d kindly ask you to take your time and have a look at the following, heart-warming and delightful audiovisual expression of joy.

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Airwaves ’16 Crew Picks


The best week of the year is ahead of us! In almost exactly one month, Reykjavík once more hosts one of the most vibrant and thrilling music festivals worldwide. This year’s lineup of Iceland Airwaves is again huuuuge in quality and quantity with more than 200 artists and bands from Iceland and abroad, a schedule covering five days at 14 official venues all over downtown Reykjavík and a yet to be released off venue schedule. We don’t want you to get lost in possibilities so here are our Airwaves ’16 staff picks, boiling hot like a hot dog from Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur!

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On tour: Axel Flóvent

Axel Flóvent

Axel Flóvent is finally back in Germany. With over 6 Million plays on Spotify for his song „Forest Fires“, the Icelandic musician is already known in Europe. You might have heard „Forest Fires“ in the Leibnitz Butterkeks commercial. A few weeks ago he released his brand new, amazing song „Your Ghost“. On September 17th he’s starting the tour in Darmstadt at Golden Leaves Festival. We had the chance to ask Axel about Tour life, Germany and a chliché…

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Album review: Sin Fang – Spaceland

With his new, on September 16th via Morr Music releasing fourth album called “Spaceland”, Sindri Már Sigfússon strikes with his solo project Sin Fang a new path. On his previous indie and folk orientated three records, electronic elements played if anything then just a very minor part in his music. The opposite on his new album, where he completely renounces guitars and leaves instead the door to electronic music and even to future R&B wide open.

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Get to know: Lucy in Blue

Lucy in Blue

It was on Thursday night during Eistnaflug ’16 at around 2:30 a.m. I can’t  remember anymore which band I’ve seen before. I was kinda fucked up from hours and hours of festival life, bustling between the campsite and the two stages, taking photos, jumping around, drinking with Icelanders. And the day before has left its deep marks in my constitution. I was standing at Brennivin stage with Baldvin from Lightspeed Legend who generously spent me another Egil’s, waiting for the band to come: Lucy in Blue.

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Album review: Júníus Meyvant – Floating Harmonies

It was a tough time of waiting. After all, anticipation was aroused already quite some time ago with a wonderful EP. But now it’s finally the day and Unnar Gísli Sigurmundsson, who’s more familiar to most of us as Júníus Meyvant, recently pleased us with the release of his first full length album: Floating Harmonies. If you think about this title while listening to the 12 tracks of his first one you might come to the conclusion that there’s barely a better title.

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