On Air: Mono Town – In the eye of the storm

On Air of CW 51-2015:

If Quentin Tarantino came to Iceland to look for a band that would perfectly fit the soundtrack of his next movie, he might choose Mono Town most likely. The three piece band from Reykjavík made quite some noise in the Icelandic music scene when they released their self-produced debut album “In the eye of the storm” back in 2014.

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On Air: Vaginaboys – Elskan Af Því Bara

On Air of CW 48-2015: Vaginaboys music can be described as experimental 90s electro pop with rap interludes as well as romantic sounds and melancholic interludes. The band wears masks to hide their identity. Their latest album “Icelandick” can be bought at www.cdbaby.com. You can also check it out on Soundcloud and Spotify.

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