On Air: Högni – Shed your skin


Högni Egilsson is omnipresent in Icelandic pop music. He has been part of electronic music pioneers and legends GusGus. Probably he even still is, but it’s never really safe to say, and at least at this year’s Airwaves he had been missed on stage during GusGus’ performance at Listasafn Reykjavíkur. He is (or was) also part of Hjaltalín, one of the most remarkable bands of the ongoing decade in Iceland. All the more surprising, that HE hasn’t really released any solo work – until now! His debut “Two trains” is a conceptual album about the two only trains ever to be deployed in Iceland, during the construction of the old harbor. It is, however, also a metaphor for a double-tracked mind, an inwardly torn character, the collision of past and future. Consequently, the album is made of electronic tunes mixed with traditional Icelandic choirs and classical, organic instruments like strings. “Shed your skin” is one of our clear favourites from this unique piece of art, an enticing tune with gloomy sounds, Högni’s incredibly beautiful voice and a clear confession by the artist: “I prefer the dark.”

We prefer Högni! If you’re lucky enough to be around Berlin on December 11th, Högni is playing a gig at Kantine Berghain that day!

Högni – Two Trains
[2017 Erased Tapes Records]
1. Andaðu (2:28)
2. Shed your skin (3:36)
3. Komdu með (4:06)
4. Crash (4:58)
5. Dragðu mig (1:59)
6. Óveðursský (2:35)
7. Break-up (4:25)
8. Moon Pitcher (3:30)
9. Parallel (3:38)
10. Enn næða orð (4:37)


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