On Air: Emmsjé Gauti – Reykjavík

Even if you are not that much into hip hop or rap, Emmsjé Gauti is this kinda guy who manages it, to make even rock enthusiasts like rap music. Since I saw him at last years Airwaves Festival, I’m hooked. Well, and if you love rap, there‘s no reason to hesitate and watch his music video for his new track „Reykjavík“ now.

Gauti and Agent Frescos Keli, dressed up in all white and sporting cool shades, dancing and rapping on rooftops all over Reykjavik – a sight you don’t want to miss + some guest starrings at the end.

You can read more about his new album in the interview we did with him in august.

He’s also performing many, many times at this years Iceland Airwaves Festival:

2.11. – 6:00 PM – Kaffihús
2.11. – 11:10 PM – Valshöllin

3.11. – 6:45 PM – Bar 11

4.11. – 6:00 PM – Hard Rock Café
4.11. – 6:30 PM – Slippbarinn
4.11. – 1:50 AM – Nasa

5.11. – 3:00 PM – Bryggjan Brugghús



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