Sigur Rós @Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, 14.10.2017

Almost exactly four years have passed, since Sigur Rós played their last concert at Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt. Some festival shows were following, but beside that, there was no other way to experience the trio around front man Jón Þór “Jónsi” Birgisson in Germany. Now on 14.10.2017, the Icelanders returned to the same ground as in 2013. As announced, no opening act was brought, as I Break Horses at the last Sigur Rós concert in Frankfurt. Instead of this: four new songs embedded in a fifteen song consisting live set, devided by a break of 20 minutes.

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Eistnaflug ’16 – Day 2


Hæ Eistnafluuuuuug! Oh boy, still recovering from yesterday’s blast at the venues and around town! I’ve meanwhile completely lost control about time, just falling into my tent when I feel like which meant  7 a.m. this morning after tons of great talks to people all around the campsite.

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My bubba @Kranhalle, Munich, 11.5.16

My bubba

Remarkable moments sometimes come silently, they receive only small attention and are unnoticed by most. This can be a pity on the one hand, as more people should have witnessed and enjoyed them. On the other hand however, exactly this situation can make way for the magic inherent. A moment like this happened yesterday at […]

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Fufanu @Musik & Frieden, Berlin, 13.3.16

© Shinya Kato

Many people still think that Icelandic music sounds like elfs making love between moss covered lava fields. But let me tell you: There is so much more than this. And I´m always looking forward to see Icelandic bands with a really fresh and unique sound playing in Berlin. Fufanu is one of those bands, which had […]

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Vök @Musik & Frieden, Berlin, 3.3.16


Size does matter. And in case of concerts, it’s the other way round as you usually interpret these words. So the smaller the better. I love those intimate club concerts without big stage and distance to the artists and therefore I was really keen on yesterday’s appearance of Icelandic rising electronic stars Vök who stopped by in Musik & […]

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