Júníus Meyvant @Ampere, Munich, 31.1.2016

júníus meyvant

One man, one guitar, and a microphone. Less is not possible, but also nothing more than this is necessary. On a rainy Sunday, great Icelandic Singer-Songwriter Júníus Meyvant plays a gig in Ampere in Munich. In the beginning he announces to play 620 songs. Half of them are not written by him but from Angela Merkel. She is even here today and watches the show from the balcony above the audience.

Even in between the songs, Júníus humorously tells stories of his daily life about topics like making the laundry, funerals, weddings, bad weather and skateboarding. And also about how he had no choice to do something else than writing songs. Especially on bad weather days, that include 363 days a year in Iceland, Júníus says. Usually it gets tight on the stage when Júníus is playing, as you could see at our On Air post last week. No matter if he performs with a band or supporting artists, Júníus succeeds in surprising and completely enchanting his audience again and again. And the people in Munich love him. On songs like Gold Laces or Color Decay a comforting shiver runs through my whole body and I feel joy and happiness. This may sound kitschy, but Júníus really manage it to turn the hall into a magical place with an exited audience. No smartphones block the view, no unnecessary conversations disturbing the moment. The unusual situation with a seated concert hall proves to be extremely advantageous in the end. An enthusiastic audience that holds its breath when Júníus sings „lay down your troubles if you can girl / don’t let anybody steal your crown“ from the great song “Neon experiences”. His EP, from which he sang all songs in addition to other unreleased songs, was sold out at the merchandise stand 5 minutes after the concert.

Dear Júníus, we can hardly wait to see you performing live again.


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