Icelandic bands playing festivals 2016


The festival summer comes closer quickly! And right before it’s time again for all of us to hang around on filthy camping grounds and dance into the night in front of the stages of this country, we’ll tell you where you can do all this to the music of which Icelandic band. As there will definitely be more announcements in the next weeks, it’s always worth to have a look at our fancy events calendar which does not only show you the solo gigs but also the festivals with Icelandic participation. Let’s get it on:

May 12th-13th: The Vintage Caravan @Post Valley Festival, Gießen and

July 29th-30th: The Vintage Caravan @Rockfestival, Rengsdorf and

August 5th: The Vintage Caravan @Wacken Open Air, Wacken and

August 12th-13th: The Vintage Caravan @Aquamaria Festival, Plattenburg/Prignitz and

August 26th-27th: The Vintage Caravan @Neuborn Open Air, Wörrstadt

A band, tailor-made for festivals. It’s not a surprise that they are already confirmend for five festivals, including their second appearance at the famous Wacken Open Air. Always full throttle without compromises.

May 13th-16th: Skálmöld und Legend @Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig

August 20th: Skálmöld @Summer Breeze Festival, Dinkelsbühl

If you like to experience some real viking metal, you shouldn’t miss Skálmöld at the Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig and Summer Breeze Festival, Dinkelsbühl. The guys also gained attention in Iceland by performing together with the Icelandic Symphony Orchestra. Brute force! And it brought back memories of Metallica’s legendary S&M album.

If you’re rather into industrial metal stuff, there’ll also be something for you at the Wave Gotik Treffen: Legend. It might be a little wilder at a metal festival than at a hotel lobby but the sound fits both environments…

July 9th-10th: Epic Rain @ROSA LAUB Festival, Vornbach bei Passau

A quite uncommon, experimental mixture somewhere between jazz, folk and hip hop will be presented by Epic Rain at ROSA LAUB festival close to Passau in July. A nice match-up for an underground festival!

July 16th: PopUpArtFestival @ipse, Berlin

Not only one but even a whole bunch of interesting Icelandic bands can be admired at the PopUpArtFestival in Berlin. Not a surprise though, as the festival is also organized by Icelandic people. Besides M-Band, DJ Myth, Prince Heka, Cryptochrome, Mike Hunt, La Fontaine, KSF and Hide Your Kids the festival also offers visual artists, photographers and movie-makers.

July 30th: FM Belfast @Watt en Schlick Festival, Dangast

We don’t need to loose to much words on FM Belfast. There is no band being more colorful, more vivid and more freaked out on the whole island. They are completely contrary to the typical cliché of dark, melancholic Icelandic music. Even in the far north of Germany, July 30th will be a hot day – independent on the weather.

July 31st: Svavar Knútur @Bardentreffen-Festival, Nürnberg

Barely another musician combines story telling and utterly beautiful and dreamy music like the epitome of the Icelandic bard, Svavar Knútur. Hence, to all Franconians: off to Nuremberg on July 31st!

August 10th-13th: Sigur Rós @A Summer’s Tale, Luhmühlen

Really big business at A Summer’s Tale with Sigur Rós in August! It’s not necessary to lose too much words on this band which is Iceland’s biggest music export next to Björk and an unforgettable live experience.

August 19th-21st: Vök @MS Dockville, Hamburg

At the amazing MS Dockville festival you can dance into the night to the electronic tunes of Vök. Next to our beloved Icelanders, also the rest of the lineup is beyond any doubt: Bastille, Foals, KAKKMADDAFAKKA, Bilderbuch and a whole bunch of smaller, less famous but definitely thrilling bands are waiting for you.

August 26th-27th: Sólstafir @Wolfszeit Festival, Crispendorf

Epic metal sounds from Sólstafir will await you at the Wolfszeit Festival. This band is huge like an Icelandic winter storm and it will leave you equally ruffled and astonished when the waves calmed down in the pit.

August 26th-28th: Pascal Pinon & Vil @alínæ lumr Festival, Strokow

If you like it to be more silent on the last weekend in August, we’d like to recommend the tiny but thrilling indie festial alínæ lumr, not only because Pascal Pinon will mesmerize you with their minimalistic and dreamy tunes – they’re not alone: Vil is another Icelandic-Danish band and the rest of the line-up is also promising (like Zoot Woman or Die höchste Eisenbahn).

August 31st: My Bubba @Pop-Kultur Festival, Berlin

Similar to Pascal Pinon, the Icelandic-Swedish duo My Bubba stands for heart-warming, silent music that will most probably put a smile on your face while you’ve your eyes closed dreaming yourself away. Convince yourself of their magic in Berlin at Pop-Kultur Festival on August 31st!

September 21st: Helgi Jonsson @Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg

An amazing mixture of folk, indie and songwriting will be presented by Helgi Jonsson at the Reeperbahn Festival – despite his recent heart surgery. From the bottom of our hearts: get well soon, Helgi! If you’re from Hamburg, you definitely can look forward to September 21st.

Anyone of you at one of those? 🙂


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