Interview with TRPTYCH

Lovely Daniel Þorsteinsson & Guðni Einnarsson are Reykjavíks new techno duo. In fact, I saw two of their shows at Iceland Airwaves 15 and totally loved it. It perfectly fits the electronic music scene in Berlin.

1. What´s the idea behind TRPTYCH?

The idea behind TRPTYCH is to make music we love and to get people to move and ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

2. Describe your music in one sentence.

Mushrooms & crispy bacon, served on a dirty ashtray.

3. You´ve uploaded one song and one teaser-song on soundcloud. Are you working on an EP or Album?

Yes, we are finishing our first 2 EP’s, hopefully they will be out early next year.

4. How do you like Germany? Do you have any plans to play here?

We actually love Germany, the people, culture and music, and we have been there many times, individually but soon TRPTYCH will come and play for ya’ll. Wir lieben dich for realz!!!

5. What is your Top 3 playlist of songs at the moment?

1. C.A.R. Idle Eyes (Roman Flugel Remix)
2. XHIN/GO Hiyama – Hepa
3. DJ QU – SS1

Takk fyrir! Looking forward to see you soon.
by Steffi


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