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CeaseTone – this is Hafsteinn Þráinsson (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Sólrún Mjöll Kjartansdóttir (drums), Jökull Brynjarsson (synthies, samples and keyboard) and Steinar Karlsson (bass). And it is one of those Icelandic newcomer bands you will certainly hear a lot from in near future! Their indie rock, decorated with electronic sounds, is powerful and the live sets are energetic performances of great musical talent and excitement for what they are doing. Here at tó, we are absolutely thrilled to ask them a few questions! Be sure not to miss and enjoy!


CeaseTone live @Airwaves15 © Birta Rán Photography


Hey Hafsteinn!

1. Congratulations on your Airwaves performances this year! I saw you at Iðno on saturday night and was stunned by your show! What do you think yourself about your shows at Airwaves?

I thought every show was fantastic from our perspective, we’ve been working really hard on our live performance the past few months and  gone through a lot of changes since Airwaves 2014. I really felt the results showing now on airwaves, of course it may sometimes depend on sound and the situation but the band was tight all the way through, my favorite show was at Kaldalón, perfect sound and mood.

2. You’re one of the hottest newcomers in Iceland, having won ATP Unsigned Talent Competition last year. You have released a few songs so far (your first single “Full Circle”, “Remedy” and “Hey you”), all very, very promising. What do we have to expect in the future? Are you working on an album and is there already a release date planned?

Yes, so we have an album on the way, it’s being mixed right now but we still have to work out the details on how we will release it. It will be titled „Two Strangers“ and the plan is to release it in march next year. The single „Full Circle“ is really the first song we released that defines the sound we like to promote ourselves on. “Remedy” and “Hey You” are fine songs but kind of are no longer relevant compared to all our new songs, they are from an era where CeaseTone was a solo project and I was still searching for what kind of music I wanted to make. I still play “Remedy” though when I play acoustic solo gigs every then and now but „Hey You“ we kind of have dropped completely.

3. It’s very common in Iceland that musicians are playing in two, three or sometimes even more bands/projects, expressing different styles in music. Any of you also active in other groups?

Our drummer, Sólrún is currently playing the drums on Bubbi Morthens new upcoming album.
I am playing in the band of Axel Flóvent and have been sessioning a lot with Agent Fresco as an extra guitar, I also play in a band called Lockerbie.

4. Though Iceland has a great culture of live events, getting off the island to play shows abroad is something a lot of Icelandic artists are striving for of course. Do you already have any plans for gigs abroad, maybe presenting your debut?

Yes! We are confirmed for South By Southwest in Austin/Texas next year so that will be our first time abroad, after that we want to focus mainly on getting our music abroad and go touring as much as possible!

5. Finally, as we’re always looking for new discoveries in Icelandic music, please tell us your favourite artists or songs at the moment!

If we keep it to Iceland exclusively, then I’d say i’m loving the rap scene, Kött grá pje, GKR, úlfúr úlfur, Emmsjé gauti…
Then there are some new really promising acts like Gangly and the whole electro scene. Finally I of course highly recommend Agent Fresco’s new album and Axel Flóvent!

Takk fyrir, Hafsteinn!!


CeaseTone live @Airwaves15 © Birta Rán Photography

Don’t miss! Listen to CeaseTone’s first single “Full Circle” here:

Cover photo © CeaseTone


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