Get to know: Tófa


If you have (hopefully) read our Airwaves ’16 crew picks article you know that five-piece and female-fronted garage punk band Tófa is one our hot picks for this year’s festival. But moreover, they have just released their second album “Teeth Richards” which we highly recommend you to check it out at their bandcamp page.

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Airwaves ’16 Crew Picks


The best week of the year is ahead of us! In almost exactly one month, Reykjavík once more hosts one of the most vibrant and thrilling music festivals worldwide. This year’s lineup of Iceland Airwaves is again huuuuge in quality and quantity with more than 200 artists and bands from Iceland and abroad, a schedule […]

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Interview with Toneron


Indeed, the Iceland Airwaves music festival is always good for a surprise. No matter what kind of music you’re looking for, you’ll find new quality stuff. Toneron already attracted my attention even before the festival when I browsed the Iceland Airwaves 2015 playlist on Spotify. We actually almost missed the concert then but luckily dropped […]

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