Iceland Airwaves – A Rockumentary

Ok, in the unlikely event that you have not yet realized it as a lover of Icelandic popular music, Iceland Airwaves is upon us. Consider this festival as Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve and your birthday party with 9000 friends altogether – but for a duration of five days. Now, if you’re like “come on, Tónlist dudes, now you’re definitely exaggerating”, we’d kindly ask you to take your time and have a look at the following, heart-warming and delightful audiovisual expression of joy. It’s for your benefit, it’s only about 40 minutes but it probably will change your life:

Iceland Airwaves – A rockumentary is nothing less but the perfect depiction of Iceland’s most important and biggest music festival. First time I watched it I knew I had to be a part of it and a few weeks later I was holding the ticket in my hands. It’s an essential part of my festival preparations, together with browsing through the lineup and planning my off-venue and official shows. If you’re about to attend for the first time, the video gives you a nice impression what to expect. And if you’re a returnee, you’ll certainly recognize some venues and bands – great memories recalling!

Because of that, the Rockumentary is our “On Air” for this week! After we had abandoned this section for quite some time, we’re going to regularly introduce to you the sounds moving our minds and bodies from now on again! Listen up!


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