Fufanu @Musik & Frieden, Berlin, 13.3.16

© Shinya Kato

Many people still think that Icelandic music sounds like elfs making love between moss covered lava fields. But let me tell you: There is so much more than this. And I´m always looking forward to see Icelandic bands with a really fresh and unique sound playing in Berlin. Fufanu is one of those bands, which had a gig at Musik & Frieden on Sunday 13th. If you read this now, you unfortunately missed their concert.

Fufanu´s sound takes you back to a shabby old english club in the 80´s: Distorted guitars and punk music within a gloomy atmosphere. Kaktus Einarsson presents the main character on stage, hypnotizing the audience with his deep, engaging voice. He also keeps the connection to the audience during the whole show which is kind of special. As I mentioned in other reviews, people can be hard on musicians when they won’t stop talking during concerts and behaving disrespectfully. Not with Fufanu. Also I can´t help mentioning that Kaktus is mostly like a reincarnation of Ian Curtis to me. But not like copying his moves or acting like him. It´s more like a very own authentic, energetic presence on stage that gives you the chance to dive deeper into Fufanus music.

Fufanu are passioned in what they doing. And instead of reading about their music, you should just sit down and listen to their full length debut “Few more days to go”. Let it happen, fall in love and enjoy.

Photo © Shinya Kato


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