On Air: Mono Town – In the eye of the storm

On Air of CW 51-2015:

If Quentin Tarantino came to Iceland to look for a band that would perfectly fit the soundtrack of his next movie, he might choose Mono Town most likely. The three piece band from Reykjavík made quite some noise in the Icelandic music scene when they released their self-produced debut album “In the eye of the storm” back in 2014.

The title track starts out quietly first, with just the vocals and accoustic guitar. Shortly after, you catch another glimpse of Mono Town’s musical spectrum when ambient, orchestral strings join in. The song then picks up pace more and more and finally evolves into an epic piece of italo-western styled anthem. You’d almost see the cowboy riding into the setting sun on his Icelandic horse.

Mono Town are:

Bjarki Sigurdsson – guitar, lead vocals
Börkur Birgisson – bass, multi-instrumentalist
Daði Birgisson – keyboards, multi-instrumentalist

Mono Town @Facebook


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