On Air: Gusgus – God Application (Live @ Iceland Airwaves 15)

On Air of CW 03-2016:

Outside the KEX hostel you’d almost think the people queue up around the block one and a half times. Hundrets of them are still trying to come in and catch a spot. But they fail to do so as the room is already packed as if it would burst at any moment. On chairs and tables, the people pile up. No doubt that the upcoming act is on the to-do-list of quite a few festival visitors. And if you know Gusgus, which was founded already back in 1995 as collective of musicians that changed its members as often as their musical style, you’re not surprised at all about the rush of people. Gusgus had an enormous impact particularly on the Icelandic electronic music scene during the last years . Tonight, Birgir “Biggi Veira” Þórarinsson (Synthies) as well as Högni Egilsson (also known from Hjaltalín) and Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson break the building down at full throttle. The even play an encore (their song “Airwaves” – what a perfect setting!) which is quite unusual for the KEXP broadcasts. But what else to do considering hundrets of people dancing themselves up into a real frenzy?

The poor souls outside the doors and windows of the hostel have to accept their fate of missing one of the downright highlights of the festival while they stare at the whole Full Performance. The others who witnessed this remarkable set just start to dance again.

Gusgus Live @ KEX Hostel during Iceland Airwaves 15


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