On Air: Grísalappalísa – Allt má (má út)

On Air of CW 52-2015:

What is going on here? A lasciviously rouged dude, skin-tight leather pants, topless, sings, screams and dances heavily at the audience and another singer, dressed in a coat and wearing a tremendous beard? The saxophonist’s sweater reads “Micky Mouse Fight Club”. Their punk-kraut-rock sound is loud, raw and just as over-the-top as the band is itself. Over-the-top in an absolutely beautiful, infectious way. Grísalappalísa, this seven piece incarnation of musical elemental force and sex, is one of Iceland’s hottest and funkiest ambassadors. Mark my words!

Grísalappalísa released an EP (Ali) and an album (Rökrétt framhald) so far and is:

Gunnar Ragnarsson (vocals)
Baldur Baldursson (vocals)
Bergur Thomas Anderson (bass)
Rúnar Örn Marínósson (drums & guitar)
Tumi Árnason (saxophones)
Albert Finnbogason (lead guitar)
Sigurður Möller Sívertsen (drums)


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