On Air: Emmsjé Gauti – Hvolpaást (feat. larry BRD)

On Air of CW 50-2015:

I´m unconditionally in love with Emmsjé Gauti since I saw him live at Kex Hostel during Airwaves 2015. It is no coincidence that he is my number two at the Top 10 Airwaves Moments. Now I tell you which Song you should listen to. He is capable of thrilling not only rap & hip hop music fans but also those who would not normally go for this kind of music. I promise!

His album Þeyr starts with the bells of Hallgrímskirkja and jumps over to constant beats and deep bass kicks with the crystal clear voice of Emmsjé accentuate it. By now you can´t stop to listen to his album. Hvolpaást is a relaxed song that is embracing you gently while you’re sitting in packed underground trains.

Emmsjé Gauti is Gauti Þeyr Másson.



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