Júníus Meyvant @Ampere, Munich, 31.1.2016

júníus meyvant

One man, one guitar, and a microphone. Less is not possible, but also nothing more than this is necessary. On a rainy Sunday, great Icelandic Singer-Songwriter Júníus Meyvant plays a gig in Ampere in Munich. In the beginning he announces to play 620 songs. Half of them are not written by him but from Angela Merkel. She is even here today and watches the show from the balcony above the audience.

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Fufanu @ Postbahnhof, Berlin, 26.11.15

Thursday evening. Bearable 4 degrees in the line to “PHB Club”. There are a lot of men on their way to Postbahnhof – to see John Grant. The German queer online magazine “Siegessäule” (www.siegessaeule.de) characterises him as “Antiheld in Reinform” (Anti-hero in pure form). You should´t miss his new successful album „Grey Tickles, Black Pressure“. But […]

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