Eistnaflug ’17: Returning to Neskaupstaður!


It’s that time of the year again, and we’re so pumped for it. Probably the most intense party in Iceland is ahead of us once more: Eistnaflug returns to Neskaupstaður from July 5th to 8th and we will of course also do so! Their website tells us that this means only 1 month, 2 days, 13h and 37min of waiting from now. And as the line up has filled up meanwhile, it’s definitely time to have a closer look, check out obvious and hidden gems and get yourself in the right mood!

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Album review: Kiriyama Family – Waiting for…

kiriyama family

You won’t believe it, but finally we can talk about springtime. Sitting lakeside in the evening, shorts and t-shirt and a beer, what else? Maybe a fitting piece of music, fluffy and lightly? Well, we can help you out! And you can trust us, it’s a recommendation you better take into account: exactly in a week today, the nowadays six-headed Kiriyama Family will release their second record “Waiting for…” and we’ve been lucky to take a glimpse at the album beforehand to tell you about its greatness

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Album review: Vök – FIGURE

Today is the day! Vök’s first full album “Figure” is finally there.

Vök’s history started with Margrét Rán (vocals/guitar/keyboard) and Andri Már (sax/synth) in early 2013 by competing at the “Battle of the Bands-esque” competition Músíktilraunir in Iceland, which they won (Previously winners were: Mammút, Of Monsters and Men, Samaris). Ólafur Alexander (guitar/bass) joined the duo in summer 2013 and Einar Stef (drums/percussion) completed the bunch in  2016. After their two EPs “Tension” (2013) and “Circles” (2015) and also signing a record deal with Nettwerk Records this Febuary, Vök is starting a new chapter.

With “Show me” and “Breaking Bones” we already got a little glimpse of what to expect of the new record. And what can I say? They didn’t disappoint in the slightest.

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Interview with the Icelandic supergroup Gangly

The first time the electronic r’n’b and trap experiment GANGLY came into sight was in 2014, when their single Fuck with Somone Else was published. At that time, it was not yet clear which known artists were standing behind that project, because GANGLY sent out the song anonymously. It couldn’t been kept as a secret for a long time until it was clear that the musicians Sindri Már Sigfússon (known  from Sin Fang), Jófríður Ákadóttir (known as JFDR and part of Samaris or Pascal Pinon) and Úlfur Alexander Einarsson (guitarist in Oyama) are forming the group.

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Get to know: Valdimar


The most important, versatile, touching “instrument” in music you cannot pluck, bow or beat. Basically, you don’t need anything to play it and you can easily play it everywhere – typically in your car or under the shower by the way. But it needs a lot of talent and courage to raise your voice in a way to form a song that makes us laughing from joy, longing for something or shedding a tear.

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On Air: Emmsjé Gauti – Reykjavík

Even if you are not that much into hip hop or rap, Emmsjé Gauti is this kinda guy who manages it, to make even rock enthusiasts like rap music. Since I saw him at last years Airwaves Festival, I’m hooked. Well, and if you love rap, there‘s no reason to hesitate and watch his music video for his new track „Reykjavík“ now.

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Iceland Airwaves – A Rockumentary

Ok, in the unlikely event that you have not yet realized it as a lover of Icelandic popular music, Iceland Airwaves is upon us. Consider this festival as Christmas, Easter, New Year’s Eve and your birthday party with 9000 friends altogether – but for a duration of five days. Now, if you’re like “come on, Tónlist dudes, now you’re definitely exaggerating”, we’d kindly ask you to take your time and have a look at the following, heart-warming and delightful audiovisual expression of joy.

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